Additin® RC 3502

LANXESS new organic Friction Modifier additive Additin® RC 3502 gives you the option to increase fuel economy benefits or reduce the levels of metallic friction modifiers, without compromising fuel efficiency performance.

Additin® RC 3502 demonstrates up to 5% Fuel Economy improvement* and retention in the ASTM D8114-17 Sequence VI E engine test.

With Excellent compatibility and synergy benefits Additin® RC 3502 is fully compatible with Group I-V based engine oils and with zero sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur, provides the freedom to formulate high performance next generation engine oils.


Additin® RC 3502  

  • New patented organic technology
  • ZERO Metals, Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus or Sulfur
  • Clear, non corrosive liquid additive
  • Fully compatible with Group I-V based engine oils
  • Greater friction reduction than glycerol monooleate (GMO), or other amide/amine and ester based chemistries
  • Sustained performance durability compared to GMO and MoDTC friction modifiers
  • Excellent compatibility and synergy benefits with other additives, including Magnesium sulfonate detergents
  • Excellent solubility at room and low temperatures (-20C) in a full range of mineral and synthetic PAO based motor oils: Groups I - V, PCMO and HDDEO
  • ZERO Metals, Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus or Sulfur
  • Freedom to formulate without concerns of adding metals, phosphorus or sulfur
  • Superior friction reduction performance
  • Increased fuel economy benefits
  • Sustained performance durability
  • Longer maintained fuel economy benefits
  • Excellent compatibility and synergy benefits with other additives
  • Enhanced performance and engine protection
  • Excellent solubility
  • Assured product stability and perfomance
  • Globally registered
  • Complies with all global regulatory standards and policies


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Latin America: or
Europe and Middle East: 

*fuel economy benefit calculated from sequence VIE engine test FEI sum over SAE 20W-30 baseline