Lubricant Additive Single Components

Additives are active ingredients added to lubricants giving new properties, reinforcing existing and balance detrimental properties.
A comprehensive range of components to support high performance lubricants, such as the extraordinary antioxidants which provide
excellent inhibition; an extensive range of Neutral and Overbased Detergents that are tailored to provide low reactivity, corrosion protection and EP performance. A full range of anti wear products, from phosphate ester and pastial ester based ashless anti-wear to the zinc containing ZnDTP. In regards to Extreme Pressure Additives, both mild EP additives but also a state of the art range of light sulfur carriers with different sulfur contents, viscositites ans solubilities. In terms of corrosion protection, a wide range of Sulfonate-based products, but also specialty non ferrous metal deactivators that are used for corrosion inhibition and EP/AW performance.

Materials that are used in a vast range of special lubricants around the world in Transportation and Industrial applications.

Key Brands: Additin®, Naugalube®, Calcinate®, Hybase®, Lobase®, Durad®