Finished Fluids & Greases

Different types of Finished lubricants, like fire resistant  fluids that offer performance and safety advantages in high temperature applications where the risk of fire needs to be minimized such as hydraulic equipment, power generation units and other industrial applications. Ohters include special MIL-SPEC lubricants for highly demanding Military and Commercial Aviation applications.

Greases are combinations of base fluids and a thickener.
Our greases use overbased calcium sulfonate as thickener so they provide superior performance in rust protection and high temperature performance when compared to other types of grease. Calcium overbased greases are heavier than water, and therefore they exhibit unique performance in very wet or immersed applications. They are designed for a wide range of applications, from ultra clean environments in food processing, to extreme conditions experienced in General Manufacturing, Off-Highway and Marine.

Brands: Royco®, Reolube® , Everest®