Plastic Additives Business

The high-quality additives and finishing chemicals in the Plastic Additives Business Line improve the processability of ingredients and especially the properties of  your end products.

  • Adimoll®, Mesamoll®, Triacetin, Ultramoll®, Unimoll® and Uniplex
    (specialty plasticizers for polymer processing)
  • Disflamoll® and Levagard® Reofos (phosphorus-based flame retardants)
  • Mersolat® (polymerization emulsifier)
  • Stabaxol® (hydrolysis stabilizers)
  • Addonyl® (additives and catalysts for cast nylon)
  • Addocat® catalysts, Addolink® crosslinkers and Addovat® stabilizers
    (for the production of polyurethane rigid and flexible foams)

Plastic Additives’ product portfolio also offers excellent solutions for water treatment and special products for the manufacturing of agricultural products.

  • Bayhibit® (phosphonates for water treatment)
  • Baypure® (biodegradable dispersing and complexing agents)

Phosphorus chlorides and phosphorus oxides are the raw materials for chemical synthesis in the production of flame retardants as well as pesticide and pharmaceutical ingredients.