Bromine Solutions

The Bromine Solutions business is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bromine, bromine intermediates and brominated flame retardants. With access to large concentrated bromine reserves and ongoing investment in our bromine production facilities and ISO tank fleet, the Bromine Solutions business is a leading global supplier of bromine and bromine derivatives.
Bromine and bromine based intermediates serve as building blocks for producing highly complex molecules that meet specific performance, environmental and quality requirements. Bromine and its intermediates are utilized in many applications including flame retardants, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, butyl rubber, polymers and biocides.   

Our Product Segments:

Bromine and Hydrobromic Acid - Precursors for Flame Retardants, Agrochemicals, Fine Chemicals, Dyes, Pharmaceuticals, High Performance Rubbers, PTA, Mercury Control, Plasma Etching and Biocides

Alkyl Bromides – Precursors and additives for Surface Active Agents, Biocides, Specialty Intermediates, Viscosity Modifiers, Fine Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Biocides, Fumigants, Pharmaceuticals and Scavenger for lead in gasoline
Registered Brands

  • Meth-O-Gas® – Fumigant Products
  • Terr-O-Gas® – Fumigant Products

Inorganic Bromides – Precursors and Additives Photography, Food Preservation, Road Treatment, Freezing Mixtures, High Performance Rubber, Mercury Control, Fine Chemicals, and Process Fluids for Oil and Gas Production.

Registered Brands

  • GeoBrom® - Mercury Control Products

Brominated Flame Retardants – Flame Retardants for Electronics and Electrical Applications, Building and Construction Applications as well as Specialty Fabric Coatings.

Registered Brands

  • Emerald Innovation® – Improved Sustainability Flame Retardant Solutions
  • Firemaster® – Flame Retardant Solutions for Electronics and Construction

Other Brands

  • PDBS-80™ - Poly (dibromostyrene)
  • PHT4™
  • PHT4 Diol™
  • DP-45™
  • BC-52™ & BC-58™ - Carbonate Oligomers
  • BA-59P™ - Tetrabromobisphenol A, “TBBA”
  • PH-73FF™ - Tribromophenol. “TBP”

Antimony – Flame Retardant Synergists and Smoke Suppressants.

Registered Brands

  • Antimony Oxides – TMS®, TMS-HP®, Timonox®, Fireshield®, Thermoguard®, Trutint®, Microfine®
  • Sodium Antimonate – Pyrobloc®

Other Brands

  • Ultrafine™ - Antimony Trioxide